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Web hosting is one of the first aspects you should focus on if you want your website to be successful in the online world. The thing is that, choosing among the top web hosting companies in Malaysia is not easy. Several bloggers and small business owners end up making the wrong choices because they don’t know how to evaluate their needs properly. 

What really happens when you make the wrong website hosting choice?

  • Malware and Security attacks. Website security doesn’t depend on one perfect solution. However, a reliable web hosting agency can back up your data, and make restoration easy, just in case your website is hacked. Their team will also assist you with maintenance and technical support. 
  • Loss of revenue. If your website goes down, potential customers wouldn’t be able to view your content, and learn more about your offerings. What’s worse is that if you are managing an online store, you can lose out on potential income and sales. 
  • Negative impact SEO ranking. The number one content marketing goal of bloggers and online business owners is to rank high in the search results, so people can easily find them. If your web pages are repeatedly down, then your ranking would be affected. 

How to pick the most reliable web host?

  • Pick a web host with a brilliant uptime record. No web hosting provider can guarantee 100% uptime, but your potential host must offer an average of 99% uptime. 
  • Understand all the different web hosting plans available. There are many options available, from shared and VPS to managed and dedicated hosting. Make sure to research before committing to a provider. 
  • Great customer support. The online world never sleeps, and clients can encounter website problems anytime. These are enough reasons to settle for a web hosting provider that delivers great customer service. 
  • Cost must not be the only consideration. Don’t let yourself experience lots of downtime. Only settle for shared hosting if you are just starting out. But, if your business is already selling tons of products, and generating a big amount of traffic, then it’s time for you to go for a managed or dedicated hosting provider

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