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It’s easy to buy baby diapers in Malaysia, but when it comes to baby toys. You may have a hard time. There are literary thousands of choices out there that claim to be beneficial for a baby development. Below are some of the toys you can buy for your newborn child.  

  • Wrist or sock rattles

Help your infant child experiment with sounds by attaching a soft rattle on her ankle or wrist. You can also warm her feet by letting her wear socks with built-in rattles that can provide entertainment. 

  • Wind chimes

Babies love listening to soft music. That reason alone should convince you to get wind chimes that you can put in a place she can watch it move, and listen to its sound. Place it near her crib. By doing so, she can watch it for a few minutes before sleeping.  

  • Sensory toys

Playing with toys is an important aspect of baby care. Babies are very curious, so anything you put near them will trigger their curiosity, and help them understand things. To keep her entertained, and feed her curiosity, you may want to give her a soft toy that she can hold on to most of the time. A soft toy that tweets or trills when pressed can entertain her for quite a while.  

  • Music box or digital music player

Aside from wind chimes, you can feed your baby’s love for music by playing good music in her nursery. Introducing the wonder of a music box can also help her relax. 

  • Mobile

Mobiles can add new dimensions to your child’s view of life. Make sure to find mobiles that have high-contrast patterns and colors. Also, most infants prefer mobiles that play music, so look for the most appropriate one that plays soothing sounds. Just keep it out of reach. The best thing to do is to hang it directly over the baby crib

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