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Choose Game Types

Many people at some point in their lives play one type of gambling game, whether land-based or online casinos. Some gamblers can do that without any concerns, but some develop their gambling problems.

Luckily there are strategies that can be used by gamblers to help keep them safe from gambling problems. If you are playing, take a look at the following tips; they will help you learn more about how gambling can be enjoyed without putting yourself at risk for gambling problems.

  • Have the right attitude–gambling for fun and entertainment, not as money-making.
  • Set a limit for how much time and money you can afford to spend on gambling. (Don’t have to be the money needed for basic living expenses like food, shelter, etc.) It’s important not to change that limit while playing.
  • Don’t take your credit card or bank card with you when playing. Leave any extra cash at home.
  • Don’t borrow from family, friends or others when you run out of money so you can keep on playing.
  • Only take the amount of money you’re willing to spend and have a clear plan on what you’re going to do if you spend all that money faster than you would think.
  • Know how much it costs to play the games that you love every hour. Although you often win, you often lose, so knowing the average cost per hour is crucial. Use our Cost of Play calculators to determine your own cost of play.
  • Understand the gambling risks and benefits-be aware of your own gambling reasons. It is up to you alone to balance those risks and benefits.
  • Remember that gambling can be enjoyable, but it’s not a way of solving problems.
  • Pair the gambling with other recreational activities. Gambling isn’t the only thing you’re doing in your spare time.

Keep Track of Money

If you regularly gamble, it’s a good idea to keep track of the money you’re spending on the activity. Download helpful gambling apps–it will help you document your gambling expenses accurately. Remember to put a pre-set amount on first line (the number you plan to spend for the day). You can then compare that amount with the amount you actually spent, at the end of the day.

Keep in mind that with all the above-mentioned responsible gambling tips, some gambling will put them at risk for some people. The only safe gambling for those people can be no gambling at all.

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