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Becoming successful in the affiliate marketing industry relies heavily upon your strategy, your chosen niche and platform, as well as the affiliate program you are using.

In today’s article, I will be giving you the best affiliate programs in 2019 and these are what you should consider moving forward.

Amazon Affiliates

What are the qualities of a really good affiliate program? Well, it has to have clear stipulations. Second, it has to pay well. Third, it has to come from a reliable network. Well, Amazon happens to tick all of those boxes and then some.

Being the world’s largest online retailer, it should come as no surprise that this is also where you want to be. Being an Amazon associate is really good because of the sheer number of products that you can promote starting today. Plus, it is very easy to become an affiliate so you can get started immediately.

Of course, there are some downsides to this as well. First and foremost, compared to other affiliate programs, you will only get a maximum of 10% in every sale that was made using your affiliate link.

Speaking of affiliate links, the tracking cookie will expire every 24 hours which means that you have to constantly monitor and update the links when needed.

eBay Partner Program

If Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer from the biggest brands and companies out there, eBay is a platform where all of the products sold on it are all from the users.

Being a partner or affiliate of eBay provides you with a lot of things. First, you get to sell products that come from real people. Second, you also have a plethora of things that you can promote. Third, it is quite easy to be in the program as you simply have to create an account, click the appropriate button, and you are now an affiliate!

What I love about eBay are the interesting products it has on its portfolio. If this is your thing, then go ahead and sign up.


ShareASale has been the affiliate marketing industry for nearly 20 years now and they’ve built quite a solid reputation through the years.

Just like Amazon, you get to engage with so many different vendors in the market and some of them are even huge brands such as Nike, AMD, and so much more.


If you want to promote digital products, then look no further than Clickbank. With over 200 million people and companies on the platform, this is a haven for marketers who want to advertise ebooks, webinars, and other similar items.

The good thing about Clickbank is that the amount of money you can get from this platform will be dependent upon your time and effort.


Another affiliate network that focuses on digital products, PartnerStack relies heavily upon companies who sell software products for a living.
With a hefty 30% commission on every software product sold, this is definitely one of the most enticing platforms to choose if that is your thing.

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